Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome to our Blog

I hear a siren and see flashing lights in my rear view mirror. My heart races and my body panics as I wonder what I did. I dutifully pull over and wait for the law enforcer to come to me. The officer says, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

.... Welcome to our blog. I've been detained on the road by law enforcers several times over the course of hundreds of thousands of miles that I’ve commuted. Often I didn't get a ticket - just a warning to "slow down" or a reminder to make sure I come to a complete stop. I never questioned this "ritual." But on June 10th, 2010, a Trooper stopped me while riding my motorcycle. She didn’t give me a ticket and yet I felt violated.
What I learned from a man named David was enlightening and empowering. We are a nation of laws, and those laws also apply to law enforcers. Dave and I decided to start this blog to explore Constitutional issues. What are our rights? And how much control over our liberties should we relinquish?
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SideshowBob said...

I hate cliffhangers! What DID she learn from "a man named David"? What ARE our rights? How much control SHOULD we relinquish? Do we "tune in tomorrow; same bat-time, same bat-channel"?????

TigerLily said...

Let's just say the name "David" is very suited to the situation as he is systematically whipping Golliath.

Yep, stay tuned.

Thanks for posting - we're just starting this blog so we're still learning how to deal with the "bugs."