Friday, September 3, 2010

The Trooper charged towards me...

Did the Trooper have the right to detain us? One astute commentor caught the "trick" in the question. Law enforcers don’t have rights while performing their duties, they have AUTHORITY. We the People have the rights.
I suppose she did have the authority to pull me over IF to check the legality of my helmet. After all, Nevada is a “helmet” state and it is her job to enforce the law. However, what happened next was something out of a bad movie. The Trooper came out of her car and charged towards me like a pit bull about to chew my leg off.

She said,

Huh? I wondered what she was talking about. But in retrospect, since I was wearing a headband pretty tightly around my forehead, maybe my eyebrows were squished together and made me look angry. But then again, is there a law against having attitude?

I believe the Trooper did have the authority to detain me to check my  helmet, but not to bully me for attitude.

Next, she asked me for my documentation. To myself I thought, "Like a greencard?"  But instead I said, “You mean my driver’s license, registration, and proof…” She cut me off to say, “ALL OF THAT!”

My 64-year old sweet hubby of 28 years got up off his motorcycle and went to his saddle bag. The Trooper pointed to him and militantly commanded, “YOU,” then she pointed to the seat of his motorcycle, “SIT!” My husband immediately complied and told her, “I was getting her insurance.” She allowed him to get the insurance as she watched him like a dog that would have pounced on him if he had made a wrong move.  And when we provided her with my “documentation” she commanded him to stay seated on his motorcycle and she commanded me to sit at the hood of her patrol car. Later my husband and I joked that he obeyed like a good doggie and he didn’t even get a treat - LOL!

She got into her patrol car to check my "documentation" and it took a very long four minutes. Onlookers congregated to see the show. I asked my hubby to take a photograph of me sitting on the hood of the car like a criminal, but – just my luck – the camera battery was dead.

The saga continues.  But for now, do you think I got arrested, a ticket, or a warning?  If so, for what?  Go ahead, be creative. Cut loose and say something funny, insightful, profound, or crazy.

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